Plan Your Internet Success

I created these manuscripts to help web entrepreneurs (no matter their level) put in place the elements that are critical to the success of any web business. Volume one is an overview of the most important things to incorporate in your online business and is offered free. To download "Plan Your Internet Success" simply complete the form below ( * denotes required fields), and you will be re-directed to a page containing the pdf file that you can review and download (please be aware that it is 97 pages long and may take a minute or so to open).

Note that this manuscript is strictly for personal use. It is not to be passed on or sold to anyone and under any circumstances. "Plan Your Internet Success" is copyright protected and its usage falls under the protection of copyright laws. Any unauthorized use of this manuscript will be prosecuted.


plan your internet success

This document is 97 pages long and may require up to one minute to load depending on your Internet connection speed


Once you have reviewed this manuscript and if you want to put into strict practices what you see, I offer group and individual tutoring to help you translate theory into practice and be successful. Do you have a few hours per week to spend learning and can you dedicate thee months of your life toward your success? If yes then contact me and let e see if you fit in one of these sessions.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must for any serious Web Enterpreneur!

Any on-line marketing campaign should start with a solid pillar: a well-designed website that search engine crawlers can “see.” In other words, you need a website that is search engine optimized. Without website optimization, crawlers can miss the essence of your site, and search engines will, in turn, index the site poorly or even miscategorize your site.

Yet, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the buzz word of the Internet industry today, is probably the least understood (let alone managed) tool there is.

Optimization is itself a very simple “science.” However, it is a “science” that is both tedious and time-consuming.

Search Engine Optimization is simple because the principles for optimizing a site are grounded on four basic elements: 1) website structure, 2) content, 3) meta-tags, and 4) links or popularity.

However, Search Engine Optimization can be tedious because optimization is an on-going process that involves updating, changing, and fine-tuning your web site regularly.

And optimization demands patience because, even assuming that all the elements are in place, it will take weeks to get indexed, and months to start showing up in the top 100 to 200 rankings of a search engine like Google.

So, what are your options?

You could spend a lot of time trying to compete with the hundreds of thousands of sites that, like you, are fighting for a position on the top ten pages of Google.

Or you can hire a company like ExecFocus.Net to put its knowledge and technology to work for you.

ExecFocus.Net can not only help you put in place the basic elements to successfully optimize your website, but, as importantly, we can also integrate this effort into your overall marketing strategy and objectives.

The company's SMaRT technology and experience in optimization, PPC campaigns and affiliate marketing, as well as our other services like WEB Press Broadcasting, have helped web-sites like gravitate to page 1 of Google in three months.

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Free eBooks and Resources

Ever wonder how Gurus make their money? While some (very few) are legitimate marketers that had some success on the Net and can coach and help others, most are people who have had limited success (if any) but have understaood the system. In all likeliness they've come across some information that they've compiled into an ebook (or bought one themselves) and that they will sale to "newbies" who do not know any better. Better yet, these pseudo Gurus will make you buy their eBook that explains how to use that same material that you purchase as the product for you to sale and make in exchange for % of the sale. Many claim to have the secret of making millions on Adwords, eBay, Affiliate Marketing, etc. Most fail misearbly short since, more often than not, they are a compilation of freely available information that anyone can put together with a minimum knowledge of this industry and a bit of time.

So if you want an eBook don't waste your time buying it. I have a collection of these so-called million dollar eBooks that I've collected and make available for free.

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